” UAV tethered mobile base light, transportable, automated and adaptable
to the different versions of drones (UAV) in the current market “

The UAV Tethered Mobile Nest TMN is a mobile base that provides drones (UAV) with uninterruptible power supply via an ultra-light cable. In this mode it allows them a long-term static flight up to a height of 150 m. The automated system for unwinding and winding the power cable controls the movement and optimum tension of the power at all times. The nest has an advanced security and emergency system.

UAV Tethered Mobile Nest TMN
Transport supports
Automated systems

The nest is designed for use on land and in all types of vehicles or boats. Its size, high strength and supports facilitate its transportation in any type of means of transport. The feeding system is adaptable to a wide range of drones (UAV), such as our Argus Light, DJI Matrice 100, 210 or 600, among others.

More detailed information subject to Prior Study and RFI (Request for Information).