The contents of our self-protection and security training attempt to identify current threats to personal safety, and formulate the appropriate responses in this regard, based on the extensive experience and updated knowledge of the speakers. We design customized Training Plans.

Residential environments
Professional environments
Leisure environments
Traveling environments
Hostile environments

Being aware of the threats and risks in the environments of our residence, work, leisure or travel, allows us to give due importance to security, determined by the appropriate measures of prevention and self-protection. In addition, the variety, level of threats and the demands on our self-protection change if we have to travel for reasons of pleasure trips, business or any other, to parts of the world with high risk and hostility rates.

Specific attention to self-protection advice and personal security,
along with the development of training plans for these matters

We organize the following courses
  • Psychic Resistance in Emergency Situations
  • Self-protection for Civilians
  • Operational Self-protection for Security Professionals
  • Self-protection in Hostile Environments
  • Operating Courses

The training focuses on issues such as resistance in situations that cause a high degree of stress, anticipate and evaluate the possible threats and manage the corresponding risks, plan and adopt measures of self-protection in our personal or professional field and our displacements; and, in case it happens, how to try to cope with and solve different emergency situations.

More detailed information subject to Prior Study and RFI (Request for Information).