Our proposals in security technologies and materials offer solutions in areas of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), Privacy Protection in Communications, Passive Protection and Perimeter Protection.

Our autonomous Aerial Data Collection System ADCS applies highly sophisticated software and hardware, focused on centralized management, autonomous flight programming,...
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Through our own computer engineering, we develop applications for the protection of confidential information in communications and their storage, compatible with...
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Advances in technologies and nanotechnologies allow manufacturers to offer passive protection materials increasingly resistant and sophisticated. Application of these security measures...
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The perimeter protection corresponds to the integration of materials and technologies for the protection of physical perimeters before the possible threats, detection...
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Our purpose is to provide at all times relevant data on the latest innovations in the field of protection and security, both in procedures and materials and technologies, to ensure versatile and effective solutions. We also collaborate with experts in the corresponding fields and with manufacturers or distributors, who can offer our clients the products in the most demanding international standards.

We develop our own computer engineering in Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)
and monitoring and communications systems

Our technical team is responsible for conducting the preliminary studies and the collection of information to project the solutions and the optimized application of safety materials and technologies or their appropriate combination.