” We integrate the latest technological advances with dynamic solutions
in the provision of our intelligence and risk management services “

The technologies associated with our services provide us with multiple tools based on sophisticated software and hardware, for the resolution of specific tasks and to achieve our objectives in the service of our clients.

Risk HR Solution
Human Resources Risk Management composed of the detection, monitoring and management of real-time risk indications in the field of HR and selective processes. It allows entities to perform employee evaluations and all types of selection processes under different criteria. Continuous monitoring through timely and/or periodic evaluations facilitates the effective management of human resources. In addition, the automated alert system and the permanent comparison of periodic evaluations, provides instant analysis of the evolution and significant changes of each subject, and the exact location of the risk. We advise the client in the process of integrating the solution in their internal HR management. More info

EmoRisk Solution
Control of assistance and schedules with integration of detection, location and monitoring of psychosocial factors of the person in real time. The solution is based on the presence control and evaluation of the employees’ daily emotional state when entering and leaving work (evaluation time between 4 and 10 seconds), generating corresponding reports on the hours worked and the mood of each worker. Work stress, altered personal situation or any other psychosocial alteration of the employee in the workplace are conflicts, which must be monitored and resolved by the entities, especially in cases where the employee’s work requires high emotional stability. More info

UAS & Anti Drone Systems Solutions
The implementation of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) in the security areas, particularly in the areas of detection, surveillance and video surveillance, allows us to provide innovative high performance solutions. Similarly, anti drone systems against hostile drones provide increasingly efficient solutions for the protection of people, properties or areas, which could be the target of such threats and compromise their security and/or privacy. The extensive knowledge and experience in the field and its constant updating, allow us to design the solutions adapted to the exact needs of the client and integrate them into their projects and security plans. More info

Our purpose is at all times to have relevant information on the latest innovations in advanced security technologies and digital transformation, for the constant improvement of the efficiency and results of our services. Our technical team is trained to design the solutions adapted to all kinds of requirements in the field of our professional activity.

More detailed information subject to Prior Study and RFI (Request for Information).