” We adapt our integral Risk Management system with centralized management
to the security profile of each client and their corporate and/or personal
activities at the national and international level “

Risk management is the risk management process previously identified and analyzed by the intelligence, preparation of corresponding security protocols and implementation of appropriate measures to address them. The risk is determined by considering the likelihood that known threats exploit the vulnerabilities and the impact they have on assets of all kinds.

Corporate Risk Management
Personal Risk Management
Events Risk Management
Travel Risk Management
Risk Management in High Risk Areas

Our risk management consists of the monitoring, study and analysis of each case based on the type and level of potential threats and linked risks identified, detected vulnerability, evaluation of probabilities and the severity of possible impacts along with other relevant data, for define the exact security profile and offer custom solutions at all times and their complex and efficient implementation.

Preventive Area

Preventive Area

Intelligence and Counterintelligence | Cyber Intelligence and TSCM | Security Audits and Training
Operational Area

Operational Area

Operational Intelligence | Asset Protection | Environment/Profiles Study | Operational Risk Management
Emergency Area

Emergency Area

Emergency Protocols | Attention and Support 24/7 | Operational Response Team (ORT)

In the planning and execution of the different areas and types of risk management, we apply the strategies and operating procedures in coherence with the uncertain and changing current scenarios, always providing an immediate response supported by intelligence, preventive measures, various layers of protection and pre-established procedures of emergency.

More detailed information subject to Prior Study and RFI (Request for Information).

The PRAS Security Audit, with the possibility of issuing the IOS Security Certificate, constitutes one of the key standards of the Preventive Area in our system.

The Security Audit using the PRAS methodology (Preventive Risks Analysis and Solutions) for corporate entities is based on intelligence, cyber intelligence, vulnerability tests and an exhaustive analysis. The methodology has been specifically developed to determine the Security Profile of the corporate...
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The inclusion of the criteria of IOS – International Observatory of Safety to obtain the IOS Security Certificate in our audits allows us, as an Official IOS Body, to recommend the entities that meet these criteria to obtain the certificate. The holder of the IOS Security Certificate has the option to include it in...
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