“ The Security Audit through the PRAS (Preventive Risks Analysis and Solutions) proactive methodology for corporate entities is based on risk identification,
vulnerability tests and a thorough analysis ”

Prevention and internal corporate security policies should be among the priorities of any entity and be considered as essential foundations to protect its assets. The absence of adequate and constantly updated security plans, protocols and measures can compromise the safety of people, real estate or other assets, cause accidents, penalties, economic losses and damage the reputation and credibility of the entities or even compromise continuity of the business.

Organizational Security
Corporate Intelligence
Physical Security
Electronic Security
Cyber Security
Information Security
Personal Security
Industrial Security

The objective of our audits is the detection and analysis of legal deficiencies and risks and vulnerabilities in integral security. Its methodology has been specifically developed to determine the security profile of each entity, identify potential threats and related risk factors and, consequently, recommend the corresponding security plans, protocols and measures.

The purpose is the definition of procedures and means to adapt the internal and external security of the client to the laws and regulations in force and to the level equivalent to his determined profile. Under this premise we aspire to turn our audits into an essential tool for the management of corporate entities and the elaboration of their Integral Security Plans.

” As the Official Body of IOS – International Observatory of Safety we execute the security audits of the entities that wish to obtain
and/or update the IOS Security Certificate under
the premise and criteria of its issuer “

The PRAS Security Audit, with the possibility of issuing the IOS Security Certificate, is one of the key standards in the Preventive Area of our risk management system.

More detailed information subject to Prior Study and RFI (Request for Information).