Our corporate activity in the international field consists of risk management services, development and application of technologies and training oriented towards current threats.

We specialize in consulting services and personalized advice in the environment of monitoring, identification, analysis and threat solutions, including security audits. Our specialization in technologies provides solutions in unmanned aerial systems (UAS), communication and monitoring applications and systems and systems or solutions with integration of the latest technologies and materials. Our training syllabuses are dedicated to the subjects of self-protection and personal security.

COSERIMA… your partner in risk management
and technology solutions

Security Risk Management is the process of identifying potential threats and risks linked to security, developing appropriate security protocols and implementing appropriate measures to address them. The risk is determined by considering the likelihood that known...
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Our proposals in security technologies and materials offer solutions in the area of Aerial Data Collection through our unmanned aerial system ADCS (Aerial Data Collection System), Privacy Protection solutions in Communications through own...
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The contents of our self-protection and security training attempt to identify current threats to personal safety, and formulate the appropriate responses in this regard, based on the extensive experience and updated knowledge of the speakers. We design customized...
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We are at your disposal to respond to any request in a personalized manner, being the determining purpose for our clients always a determining factor for us. We try to constantly improve ourselves so that our qualities in general, placed at your service, correspond to a modern, innovative and professional security philosophy in all aspects.

By lending our services, we rely on our team’s extensive professional experience and experience in different parts of the world. As responsible or members, they have participated in risk management projects in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Latin America.